EAS Jammer for sale

we are professional hacker for europe slot machine, and invent powerful EAS jammer for slot machine and money change,vending machine

one jammer is 150 euros,including DHL shipping cost, we will send package by DHL, package will arrive in 4 days in europe. and write toy for customs, so do not worry about customs,we have sent many jammers to europe, never problem.

EAS Jammer EAS 58

October 30, 2015 1

EAS Jammer EAS 58 EAS Jammer – tester for gates  58 Khz Powered: 9V Battery Working time: 60 min. / 9V Varta Range: 2-3 meters EMP Jammer EM-Giga EMP Jammer EM-Transformer

EAS Jammer EAS Master Plus

October 30, 2015 0

EAS Jammer EAS Master Plus EAS Jammer AM RF RFID Absolute novelty of category EAS Jammers. The first to bring to the world market, improved version of device – EAS Master Plus. This model is […]