PIR sensor 3G Covert Hidden Camera

July 15, 2015 0

PIR sensor 3G Covert Hidden Camera This PIR sensor 3G Covert Hidden Camera / 3G Spy Camera is adapted precisely to incorporate this unique 3G camera unit inside it. The covert camera lens is undetectable […]

HD Bluetooth Camera

July 3, 2015 0

HD Bluetooth Camera Details HD Bluetooth Camera,Having video evidence of an encounter can be the difference between a good and bad outcome to a messy situation. The Digital Bluetooth Mini Spy Camera with Image Capture […]

Bulb CCTV Security DVR HD IR Camera

July 2, 2015 0

Bulb CCTV Security DVR HD IR Camera Details IR Camera Operation Steps: ①   Take out the TF card from the camera. ②   Use a suitable card reader to connect the TF card to a computer. ③   The computer will detect the TF card as a mobile HDD. ④   Access the mobile HDD in the path of“DCIM -> 100DSCIM” . ⑤   All videos recorded by the camera will be stored in the above path, and could be played by a video player application.  Indicator Statements 1. If the blue indicator flashes at regular intervals, it means that the camera is recording videos. 2. If the blue indicator flashes twice and then goes out, it means that the camera enters into the indicator free mode. 3.If the blue and red indicators stay lit together, it means that the camera is in the standby mode ( and there is a TF card in the camera). 4. If the red indicator stays lit while the blue indicator goes out, it means that there is no TF card in the camera or the card doesn’t work. . Surveillance Software(Function/parameter Adjustment) The product could be set using the software contained in the accompanying CD according to user required functions/parameters: Selectable and Settable Parameters: Video Resolution 1280x720P(HD) / 640*480(VGA); Motion Detecting Function(ON/OFF); Date and Time Watermark(Yes/No); Cyclic Storage(ON/OFF); Working Indicator(ON/OFF); Audio(ON/OFF); […]