5 High Power Antenna Phone Jammer & WiFi Jammer

July 24, 2014 0

Product Description This is a powerful cell phone and Wi-Fi jammer that disables nearly all kinds of cell phone signals and Wi-Fi signal which including the CDMA (870-880MHz), GSM(930-960MHz), DCS (1805-1880MHz), PCS (1930-1990MHz), even 3G […]

Ultimate 8-Band Wireless Signal Terminator CTS-J8

July 21, 2014 0

Specifications: Output:24W Coiverage:Up to radius 40meters Frequency:2G,3G,4G,GSM,CDMA,GPS,WIFI,UHF,VHF,Lojack(optional) It can be customized as the following types: 1.GPS 1-2-5,GSM 2G/3G,LoJack 2.CDMA/GSM,DCS/PCS,3G,wifi,4G LTE,4G Wimax,VHF,UHF Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customized for you.

Portable Mobile Phone WI-FI Jammer CTS jammer

July 8, 2014 0

          Specifications  Portable Mobile Phone WI-FI Jammer CTS jammer Tx Frequency   (A)TX frequency 845-975 MHz (B)TX frequency 1785-2000 MHz (C)TX frequency 2100-2170MHz (D)TX frequency 2400-2485 MHz  Available system   Cover interface standards: […]

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