360° Drone jammer RF spectrum analysis detector all in one systems for 1000~2000M D-600

D600 Is a set of detection and Jamming all in one product, the product is composed of front-end and terminal. The front-end adopts an integrated structure, which integrates the antenna, RF spectrum digital processing unit, WiFi protocol analysis unit, antenna control unit, power supply and jamming system. The front-end is responsible for collecting data, analyzing data, calculating output results, coordinating the detection and jamming operation, and controlling the jamming of the black flying UAV. The terminal realizes the target display, alarm, target distance and jamming control , historical data query, etc.

Main features:

  • Detection distance 500-1500m
  • Software defined radio: 70MHz to 6GHz
  • Weight less than 35KG
  • Detection Frequencies: 2.4 & 5.8GHz
  • Dimensions: H: 43cm, D: 75cm
  • Jamming distance 1000m
  • Jamming frequency: GPS 2.4G&5.8Ghz (Used latest digital jamming algorithm) It can effectively block all kinds of UAVs
  • Integrated jamming and detection, convenient construction
  • Identify the mainstream UAV models or manufacturers in the market
  • Multi system structure is adopted to identify UAV quickly with few false alarms
  • Some models have white list function (We can only detect foreign drones, but let’s make the designated drones fly normally)
  • With the upgrade function, it can adapt to the detection of new UAV.

D400-Drone detector Jammer (Can identify the direction of UAV)

Spectrum Detection System 3~5km DD108Q for test

3~5kM Multi frequency Drone detector Spectrum Detection System