5km drone radar detector ku bands with 5km digital drone jammer factory directly

Drone radar detector and digital drone jammer are independently developed by us, with technical and price advantages and guaranteed after-sales service

Radar part Key Features

  • 3D mechanical scanning radar, Multi group Sum beam Difference beam.
  • Improves the “low small slow” target detection capability while reducing the radar’s transmit power at the same discovery distance.
  • Distinguish between ground and air targets.
  • Can work around the clock in harsh environments.
  • Multi-point operating frequency, using the same-frequency interference suppression technology to avoid co-channel interference.

Technical parameters

Wave bandKu
Process technologychirp
Scan methodAzimuth machine scan+Euler frequency scan
Power consumption≤160W
Basic detection performance
Display range0.075~20km
Azimuth angle0°-360° scan
Euler angles0°-40°
Measurement dimensionDistance / Azimuth angle / Euler angles / Speed
Detection distance
Mini UAV (RCS=0.01m²)5Km
Detection accuracy
Distance accuracy≤8m
Azimuth accuracy≤0.8°
Euler accuracy≤0.5°
Resolving power 
Detection Resolving power≤20m
Azimuth Resolving power≤2.5°
Euler Resolving power≤4°
Track methodTWS / continuous track
Number of track targetsNo less than 200
Map dataStackable map