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DRD02B drone radar detector is a pulse Doppler three-coordinate radar with azimuth machine scan and pitch phase scan. It is mainly used to detect and locate low-altitude aircraft and ground moving vehicles, people and sea vessels. The radar can accurately detect the spatial position of the target, and is equipped with an optoelectronic system, which can be cascaded with countermeasures such as interference, laser weapons, and navigation deception.


1) Radar band: X-band (9GHz ~ 10.2GHz);
2) Detection distance (false alarm rate: 10-6, detection probability: 95%, data rate: 6S):

Working ModeLow Altitude Reconnaissance ModeGround Reconnaissance ModeSurface Reconnaissance Mode
Typical goalDrone(RCS=0.01m2Armed soldierVehicleSmall ship(RCS=1m2
Power Coverage5km10km20km10km

3) Minimum speed of detectable target: 1m / s;
4) Close range blind zone: ≤180m;
5) Detection range: Azimuth: 0 ~ 360 °, pitch: 0 ~ 30 °;
6) Multi-target capabilities: Number of targets: ≥200;
7) Resolution: Orientation: ≤2.5 °; Pitch: ≤8 °; Distance: ≤20m;
8) Accuracy: Orientation: ≤0.6 ° (1σ); Pitch: ≤0.6 ° (1σ); Distance: ≤8m (1σ);
9) Self-checking ability: Real-time sub-system working status monitoring;
10) Communication protocol: UDP;
11) Transmit power: Average power: ≤30W; Peak power: ≤160W;
12) Overall power consumption: average power consumption: ≤220W;
13) Turntable speed: 3r / min ~ 12r / min can be set;
14) Power supply: AC220V / 50Hz;
15) Data interface: network port
16) Overall dimensions: ≤1020mm × 270mm × 410mm (length × width × height);
17) Machine weight (excluding triangle bracket and rain cover): ≤31kg.


1) Working temperature: −40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃;
2) Storage temperature: −50 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃;
3) Protection level: IP65;
4) Operating humidity: 95% ± 3% (30 ° C, non-condensing);
5) Wind resistance (with radome): <45m / s (fixed station);

Mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥ 1000 hours.

Basic level average maintenance time (MTTR) ≤60min (field replaceable parts);

The electromagnetic compatibility of radar equipment meets the electromagnetic compatibility standards of the radar product industry.


1) Electromagnetic radiation meets the requirements of national standards.
2) The radar equipment has a certain lightning protection capability, and reliable lightning protection measures must be taken when it is set up outdoors;
3) The power supply of the radar equipment has a surge protection function.

1) Modular design: The radar telecommunications system and mechanical structure are all modular in design. You only need to change the antenna and the back-end signal processing algorithm, and update the configuration of the comprehensive management software system to apply to the switching of multiple working modes.
2) All-solid-state, all-coherent portable surveillance radar: adopts X-band all-solid-state T / R components, fractional Fourier transform digital signal processing technology.
3) Small signal detection under the background of strong clutter: Aiming at the radar clutter characteristics and target echo characteristics, an adaptive clutter suppression algorithm, an adaptive target matching algorithm, and a tracking algorithm before detection are used for system research and design.
4) Full-automatic, all-weather work: The radar system can be unattended, reducing the difficulty of work, and avoiding the interference of electromagnetic radiation to the operator. It has the characteristics of flexible deployment, full-automatic and all-weather work.
5) Strong adaptability: The product adopts an integrated design, small size and light weight, which can be mounted on a vehicle, mounted on a tripod, and fixedly installed. It is suitable for various application scenarios such as important gatherings and local integrated deployment.

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