CTS Backpack drone detector portable rf drone detection 360 degrees with digital drone jammer

The CTS-500 portable UAV detection system consists of a front end and a detection system.The front end consists of a directional antenna and a display terminal with a handheld structure; the back end consists of a detection system and a power supply system.Backpack style.The handheld front end is connected to the back-end detection system through radio frequency cables and network cables.

CTS-500 Backpack drone detector is a detection device mainly for consumer unmanned aerial vehicles. It is very simple to operate. It uses the automatic working mode, connects the detection device to the antenna, turns on the power supply, and after pressing the device start switch, the detection system starts to work. The detection system is composed of radio detection device and control system (built-in AI algorithm, spectrum algorithm, protocol resolution module).) and WiFi feature network card.At the same time, the work control system uses AI algorithm, spectrum analysis, protocol analysis to analyze the collected signals to determine whether there is an unmanned aerial vehicle.Due to the simultaneous operation of multiple systems, the problem of false positives from consumer unmanned aerial vehicles is basically solved

The front end consists of a directional antenna and a display terminal, the display terminal is a mobile phone, matching the mobile application software for CTS-500 system.After the device is turned on, open the application software on the display side of the mobile phone. When you enter the application home page, you can see the status of the device. In the Settings menu option, we can set the relevant alarm parameters.When the detection system finds an unmanned aerial vehicle, on the home page of the application, a warning message from the unmanned aerial vehicle is displayed, accompanied by sound alerts and mobile phone vibration alerts (the alerts can be set in the Settings menu).When an unmanned aerial vehicle is discovered, information about the unmanned aerial vehicle is displayed on the mobile phone screen at the front-end of the handheld, including information about the operating band, signal strength (distance), model or manufacturer of the unmanned aerial vehicle.We can choose the direction to locate the UAV, and select the “Location” option in the application. At this time, the user rotates the handheld front end 360 degrees horizontally, and real-time checks the signal strength of the UAV received in all directions. The direction with the strongest signal received can be used to determine the direction of the UAV entering.Software interface shows the strength of the detected UAV signal.

CTS-500 mobile phone with SIM card online can display the map of the place to use and indicate the orientation.The S-500 supports history queries. In the settings menu, you can view the unmanned aerial vehicles detected during the time period. In the history, you can display information about the unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the signal strength of the unmanned aerial vehicles, the time of discovery, and so on.

The CTS-500 is a very easy to operate portable unmanned aerial vehicle detection system. It can recognize the unmanned aerial vehicle without human intervention, and it can recognize the position of the unmanned aerial vehicle with simple data size judgment.The device is light and compact, and can be easily operated and used by only one person.The hardware upgrade space is reserved, and the module can be increased later to increase the frequency range (e.g. 433Mhz, 800MHz, 1.2Ghz, 2.4GHz, 5.1GHz, 5.8GHz, etc.)

Parameter characteristics:

  1. Detection band: 2400-2495 Mhz, 5725-5850 Mhz
  2. Detection distance 500-2000 meters (depending on the surrounding electromagnetic environment)
  3. Detect Range 360 Degree Full Coverage
  4. Mobile APP control with sound or vibration for alert.
  5. Real-time map display to determine UAV entry direction
  6. Identify major consumer UAV models or manufacturers in the market
  7. AI identification, protocol resolution, spectrum analysis and other multi-system structures are used to quickly identify unmanned aerial vehicle, which is less than or equal to 6 seconds.
  8. Multiple algorithms work at the same time, and the accuracy of recognition and false alarm rate are very low.
  9. Can Upgrade for new drones detection
  10. Operating temperature: -30 C to +55 C
  11. Battery capacity: 2 hours (replaceable)
  12. Equipment weight less than 5kg (without battery)