Anti recording device with remote control WS-4

$1,000.00 $830.00


1. Introduction

WS-4 recording shielding system is a new type of recording shielding system developed by our R&D team in combination with our existing products and customer needs. It consists of two sets of mainframes, each with four signal transmitting terminals and stepless power adjustment knobs. The two sets of mainframes are simultaneously opened and arranged around the illegal recorders to achieve recording shielding.

In order to ensure the shielding effect, the system is based on two sets of shielding hosts, which can not be less than two, but can be increased. Each host software adopts a mute encryption algorithm based on logo, which ensures that recording files can not be decoded and decomposed. This algorithm is widely used in mobile phone data encryption and is extremely safe. Silence adopts adaptive silencing technology, which ensures the concealment and security of visitors without any discomfort after booting.

WS-4 has a good shielding effect on the latest mainstream mobile phones on the market, such as MATE20, P20pro, and iPhone X/XR/XS/XSMAX.The double swords are all the rage for illegal recordings.

2. Technology

Item Parameter
Shielding type Mobile phones, recording pens and other sound acquisition devices
Shielding distance of single host in the system 1-2 m (shielding distance of different recording equipment is different)
The Function Angle of System Single Host 90-120 degrees
Opening mode remote control
Power adjustment mode Stepless adjustment of knob
Host size 122*78*27
weight 200g
ambient temperature -40℃~55℃
relative humidity 35~85%
Battery capacity 1500mha
Charger AC 100V~240V ;DC 9v 500mA
Packing instructions Protective box

3. Features

• Flexible use, two sets as a basic configuration, can flexibly increase the host according to the scene, to achieve better shielding effect.
• Flexible operation, remote control can be used to open and close multiple sets of mainframes at the same time.
• Flexible configuration, each host can work independently, flexible layout, arbitrary placement, a key to start.
• Flexible and portable, each host is equipped with batteries, easy to carry and use.
• Adaptive silencing technology ensures quietness in use.
• Output effective power up to 98%.

4. Maintenance
1. The jammer needs no special maintenance.
2. Do not use chemical solvents or prevent water from entering into the device when cleaning its surface.
3. When not use, the device must be placed in dry and ventilated places, to avoid its contact with salty mist and noxious gases.
4. The warranty period is one year. It is repaired free of charge for three years and maintained for life, only need buyer bear the shipping cost it has.
5. Application Place
1.Meeting room, party and government organizations, enterprises and small medium and large conference rooms, concert halls, and etc.
2. At places where using recording device is prohibited such as government, military, finance, security, police and command center etc.