Bomb Jammer from CTS
Our Bomb Jammer technology is defensive in nature. With IED Jammer and RF Jammer designs, our engineers have produced powerful system solutions needed to meet the growing threat of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices or RCIED weapons.

The Bomb Jammer – IED Jammer can neutralize / prevent deadly criminal acts such as radio controlled Car Bombs, roadside bombs, ambush by remote IED attacks, assassinations, and remote controlled terrorist events. In addition to implementing High Power IED Jammers and Convoy Jammers, we have also designed and deployed facility jammers with dual functionality.

By combating remote controlled IEDs at checkpoints and border crossings, our Stationary Jammers work to defeat border guard and checkpoint ambush attacks. Yet our RF Jammers also serve as communication jamming systems to block the signal bands attempting to broadcast radio signals. This RF Jamming stifles unauthorized communications in high level government installations, diplomatic buildings, prison institutions, and military bases.


August 12, 2014 0

200W Powerful CELLPHONE BOMB JAMMER CTS-2012200 Specifications: Output:200W Coverage:Raduis 50~100M(depends on the location) Frequency bands:900/1800/800/1900/3G/450 24 hours 7 days continuously Warranty:24months 1. High mobility and stability 2. Lightweight, total 25KG,easy to take 3. Jamming 5 […]

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