C.T.S  was established in 2001, focusing on the development and manufacturing electronic security equipment and telecom Antenna products radio Convoy Protection Jammers, RF jammers,
Digital bomb jammers,
Digital Drone jammer and
Digital Prison Jamming system.

– Convoy Protection Jammers
– RF Jammer applications for communication blocking and counter RCIED
– Prison Solutions for communication control
– 500M to 25km long range Drone Jammer(Hack Drone’s control)
– EMP Jammer

Through our Demonstration Centers, security resellers bring our technologies to their Government clients. With tools and knowledge, resellers make professional presentations as well as live demonstrations in proving conceptual requirements for Government procurement.

Digital RCIED Jammer

Bomb Jammer

White Gaussian noise Digital source RCIED jammer

20MHZ to 6Ghz white noise digital RCIED Jammer The power of digital signal jammer is low, and very good stability than DDS and analog signal source Jammer (the higher the power, the greater the calorific […]

Bomb Jammer

20mhz to 6ghz digital bomb jammers for VIP

360 degree 50~250m bomb jammers (27mhz to 6000mhz frequency) working on 12V Battery ( DC12±1V&140A ) 11 bands frequency and used 6 antennas 25~75MHz 136~174MHz 300~350MHz 400~480MHz 925~960MHz 1805~1880MHz 1920~1990MHz 2110~2170MHz 2400~2500MHz 2620~2690MHz 5100~5900MHz Digital […]

Digital drone jammers

Anti drone systems

100KM UAV radar detector with 30km digital drone jammer all in one

About radar Development basisGJB 74A-1998 《General specification for military ground radar》;GJB 150A-2009《Environmental test method of military equipment laboratory》;GJB 151A-1997《Electromagnetic emission and sensitivity requirements for military equipment and subsystems》;GJB 152A-1997《Electromagnetic emission and sensitivity measurement of military […]

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