Anti-Drone Technology: Frequently Asked Questions

anti drone system

What is Anti-Drone technology?

Counter drone technology is used to deal with hostile UAVs, and may encompass a range of detection, identification, tracking and interception methods.

How does anti-drone technology work?

Anti-drone technology encompasses a wide range of countermeasures that detect, identify, track, disable or destroy UAVs. Often multiple sensors and devices will be integrated into a single anti-drone system.

How can drones be detected in the sky?

Flying drones can be detected by scanning for the RF signals used at certain frequencies for communications. Cameras can also be used to detect their visual and heat signatures, and acoustic signatures can be picked up and compared to a library of known UAV recordings.

How do you disable a drone?

Drones can be disabled via “hard kill” methods, using traditional munitions to cripple or destroy the drone. Electronic countermeasures can also be used to disrupt RF or GNSS satellite communications broadcast and received by the drone.

How does a drone jammer work?

A drone jammer generates large amounts of electromagnetic interference that will disrupt communications or navigation signals used by the drone.

How do anti-drone guns work?

Anti drone guns are handheld devices that interfere with RF communications, often disrupting multiple RF bands simultaneously. They may also disrupt GNSS signals, including GPS and GLONASS.
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