C-UAV Technology About the Jamming of the Drones

The classification of UAV jamming technology 1.the use of traditional analog VCO technology interference devices2.the use of DDS technology interference devices3.the use of pseudo-random number Gaussian white noise interference technology equipment (Digital source technology) Various […]


Drones Spots on Prison, What does it want to do?

Recently, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) is seen above several prisons in Fuzhou into the night, and flying in diversion and hovering above the dormitory zone, the teaching building, the administrative building and armed zone. The […]


Jamming Remote-controlled signal within 100 meters

In the city of Gao, northern Mali, Chinese peacekeeping guards detachments board before routine patrol. (Xinhua News Agency) According to Xinhua news agency, Gao, Mali, June 1st China’s third batch of Mali peacekeeping forces install […]