An investigation into drone technology and counter-drone systems within modern airports

counter-drone systems within modern airports

Questions in regards to the development of anti drone systems.

1. Going forward, what do you believe will be the biggest obstacle for counter-drone technology development?Your answer

Answer:No biggest obstacle .UAV defense will become more and more common

2. In your opinion, what is the hardest aspect/stage when it comes to counter-drone systems? Explain why it’s difficult.

Answer:UAV detection system is not perfect and We need constant improvement

3. Drones and other small unmanned aircrafts have massively increased in popularity recently. Do you believe that C-UAS’s (counter-unmanned aerial systems) will enter the commercial sector going forward? Reasons for this?

Answer:We have been in the field of UAV defense for six years. The market of UAV is becoming larger and larger, and UAV defense system will become more and more common

4. What kind/class of drone or UAV (unmanned ariel vehicle) is the most resilient against current C-UAS methods?

Answer:Transformed, customized UAV is the most resilient against current C-UAS (Unconventional frequency band and power)

5. Do you believe in the future that the ability to selectively choose targets will be a feature of C-UAS’s?

Answer:I think what UAV defense system needs is intelligent recognition and jamming
It can reduce the workload of operators and work continuously for 24 hours

6. In regards to C-UAS interdiction methods, which do you believe is currently the most reliable in terms of safely neutralizing drones, both containing them and their payload? (For example, the best possible method to be used in an airport environment.)

Answer:We need detectors specifically for UAV Systems(Can accurately identify UAV)UAV detection technology is the key and the most difficult

7. What is the best C-UAS method for dealing with multiple drones at the same time?

Answer:Detector algorithm is the key

8. What is the current effective range of C-UAS’s?

Answer:The technology of each company is different. The detection distance and the accuracy of identification are different for each company
The radar detection distance is relatively long, but the cost is high (the distance can reach several kilometers), the spectrum detection distance is long, but the false alarm rate is high. The detection distance of our UAV radio recognition technology can reach 2km recognition rate, and the cost is relatively low

9. Does aviation legislation and regulations have any effect on the development of the C-UAS’s?

Answer:The product will only be more and more optimized, and can meet the requirements through technology and legitimize it

10. Have C-UAS’s increased in complexity in recent years alongside the development of drones and other unmanned aircraft? (Increased drone resilience)

Answer:Spear and shield are mutual, and UAV technology and UAV defense technology will continue to improve

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