About the Jamming Technology of the Drones

First, the classification of UAV interference technology

1.the use of traditional analog VCO technology interference devices
2.the use of DDS technology interference devices
3.the use of pseudo-random number Gaussian white noise interference technology equipment

Various Jamming technology works

result of wireless transmission system stability. When the indicator is lower than the minimum system requirements, communication can not be normal. Whichever jamming technology, the jamming principle is the same, is to deteriorate the signal-to-noise ratio of the communication system SNR, the receiver can not resolve the correct data, resulting in normal communication can not be achieved in order to achieve interference purposes. Now on the above three commonly used technology to analyze the working principle of each jamming technology works as follows:

1, analog VCO interference technology working principle:
Analog VCO, also known as voltage-controlled oscillator, to exert an external fixed voltage, can produce a voltage corresponding to a certain RF frequency of the CW signal, commonly known as point-frequency signal. When the external voltage changes continuously, it is possible to output a CW signal whose frequency changes continuously.
Using VCO interference technology, commonly known as swept interference. Through the VCO output continuously changes the radio frequency signal, with the interference frequency collision, causes the communication system the SNR deterioration, thus realizes the disturbance goal.

2, DDS interference technology works:
DDS is a direct digital frequency synthesizer, from the physical sense, DDS is a digital discrete analog VCO. The interference mode and the analog VCO is the same. But also by sweeping the way, and the interference frequency collision, in order to achieve deterioration of the communication system SNR .

3, pseudo-random number Gaussian white noise interference technology works:
Through the digital encoding, through the FPGA, make a certain bandwidth of the noise signal. Making the whole communication system is full of noise within the bandwidth, deterioration of the communication system SNR, to achieve their goals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Common jamming technology

1, analog VCO interference mode Advantages:
1) The design is simple
2) low cost
3) short development cycle


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