Handheld digital drone jammer block all kinds of uav ISM, HAM, and GNSS GPS and GLONASS 1500M jamming range

The  Block 3 is a cost-effective tool for security teams and first responders to use during fluid, ambiguous, fast-paced encounters. The system allows the user to efficiently interdict a drone approaching a Forward Operating Base, hovering over a large crowd, snooping into secure/private areas, or flying in restricted airspace. With the Block 3, the operator can quickly intercept the drone command link and command the drone to descend or go home. All the operator needs to do is aim the Block 3 at the drone and pull the trigger.

Features Benefits
ISM and HAM DroneCommunication Protocols Exploits COTS ISM and HAM drone communication protocolsenabling drone to land or go home.
Integrated RF Identificationand Location Integrated RF power meter and signal analyzer enables the operator to reliably aim the system even in low visibility. An operator can identify the types of messages coming from thedrone (e.g. C2, video, telemetry, etc.).
Highly Directional Limited area of effect, will not disrupt friendly RF systems
GNSS Disruption* The  Block 3 is optionally equipped with GPS disruption capability that can jam GPS and GLONASS frequencies. The unit can jam ISM and HAM bands; or ISM, HAM, and GNSSbands simultaneously. *Note: This feature is only available to Federal agencies
Portable The system is only 21 inches (53 cm) long, around 4 lbs (2 kg) in weight, and does not require any external power source orauxiliary equipment (e.g. no backpack).
Upgradable The system can be upgraded to include exploits for new drones asthey come to market.
Easy to use Operators can be fully trained in less than 5 minutes.


Size 21”L x 11”H x 6.5”W (53 cm L x 28 cm H x 16 cm W)
Weight 4.5 lbs. (2 kg)
Battery Type NSN Mil-Spec Battery certified and approved for military transport
Endurance 3+ hrs. continuous jamming, 10+ hrs. in RF detection mode
Continuous Operation 12 VDC input power
Effective range Beyond unaided line of sight, exact ranges depend upon the operational scenarioand environment
Duty Cycle Supports 100% continuous operation
Command and ControlJamming Frequencies Comprehensive ISM and HAM coverage. Specific frequencies available under NDA
GNSS Jamming Frequencies GPS and GLONASS frequencies using shaped beam to minimize inadvertentGPS disruption
Effectiveness Effective against all commercial and consumer drones beyond line of sight

Base Security
Event Security
Fire Fighting
Aviation Security
Convoy Security
Campus Security

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