C-UAV Technology About the Jamming of the Drones

The classification of UAV jamming technology 1.the use of traditional analog VCO technology interference devices2.the use of DDS technology interference devices3.the use of pseudo-random number Gaussian white noise interference technology equipment (Digital source technology) Various […]

2016 drone jammer CTS
Drone Jammer

3 in 1 drone jammer gun 2016 2.4G 5.8G and GPS

2900USD WORLD WIDE  FREE SHIPPING BY DHL COVER 2.4G 5.8G AND GPS WITH BATTERY BUILD IN  PRICE NOT INCLUDE GUN Specification for 2016 drone jammer Gun: 1.Frequency and power:GPS 5W,wifi 2.4G 25W ,5.8G 1.5W 2.Antenna:yagi […]