5km~50km Drone GPS spoofing system L1 L2

A drone GPS spoofing system is a device used to spoof the GPS signals of a drone, allowing it to be manipulated and navigated in ways that are otherwise impossible. It works by sending false GPS signals to the drone, making it think it is in a different location than it actually is. This can be used to make a drone fly to a location without its operator’s knowledge or control, or even to disable a drone completely. With the increasing use of drones, this technology has become an important tool for security and privacy concerns, as well as for drone operations in general.

Drone GPS spoofing system L1 L2

This GPS spoofing system is of good generality and long-term effectiveness. Satellite navigation has significant advantages of low cost and high precision, so various types of “low-slow-small” UAVs are widely used at present and there is no other alternative for a long time. The system takes satellite navigation signals as the entry point and uses signal information spoofing to achieve the purpose of deception and control. It is of good generality and long-term effectiveness. According to incomplete statistics, it is effective for more than 99% of UAVs that have long-distance remote control flights. 

1. Fast response to disposal: The system adopts a direct lock spoofing signal access mode, which can achieve UAV spoofing control with a C/N ratio of no more than 6dB under the positioning guidance condition, and the spoofing behavior takes effect in seconds, realizing the rapid disposal of “low-slow-small” threat targets. 

2. Long range of action: The system adopts a direct lock spoofing signal access mode, and the spoofing takes effect with a low C/N ratio. At the same time, due to the weak intensity of satellite navigation signals, the system can achieve a spoofing control effect at a long distance. At present, the farthest range of action has exceeded 100 kilometers, which meets the disposal requirements of “low-slow-small” targets under most scenarios. 

3. Good control effect and high safety: The system adopts a clever access mode to continuously deceive and control the space position and flight heading of UAVs, effectively avoiding secondary injuries caused by its crash in core areas. It is especially suitable for the safe disposal of UAVs in important areas, densely populated areas, and property-intensive places. 

4. Rich work modes and strong integration capabilities: According to the needs, the module can also provide interference (when there is no positioning), dispersion (when there is discrete positioning), and fixed-point directional control (when there is continuous positioning) for various work modes to form a diversified UAV disposal mode. At the same time, the interface is simple and the integration is high, which can be embedded in the radar system to form a detection and tracking disposal integrated system. 

5. High reliability and usability: The system implements the design requirements of standardization, serialization, generality, combination, and modularization. It adopts derating design, redundant design, hot design, and electromagnetic compatibility design. It has a complete self-inspection (BIT) function and has high reliability and usability. 

6. Various auxiliary functions: According to the requirements, the module can also provide basic data such as high-precision positioning, timing, and directional, and has good scalability.

GPS spoofing system Functional Indicators: 

  • It has the ability to receive and process navigation satellite signals such as GPS/BDS/GLONASS; 
  • It has the ability to spoof GPS/BDS/GLONASS navigation satellite civil code signals; 
  • It has the functions of navigation signal interference, deception and driving away, fixed-point driving away and real-time deception of altitude for drones; 
  • Remote command control function, which can directly control the deception device to generate drone signal interference, deception driving away, fixed-point driving away deception and other signal styles through UDP instructions. 
  • Both the deception signals and interference signals can be independently switched on and off and power controlled; 
  • It has the function of networking multiple sets of equipment; 
  • Human-machine interaction software can display online/offline drone flight trajectory situations, real-time situations of navigation satellites, working status of equipment, support users to select deceptive ways, and control power size; 
  • Data interface is easy to develop, support radar, radio and other reconnaissance data automatic connection; 
  • It has the function of recording working logs such as navigation signal reception, interference signal and deception guidance signal release parameters;

GPS spoofing system Performance indicators 

Working frequency band (Select according to demand): 

  1. G1 : GPS L1CA 
  2. G2: GPS L2C
  3. R1 : GLONASS R1
  4. R2 :GLONASS R2
  5. E1 :GALILEO R2
  6. B1I :BDS B1I
  7. B3a :BDS B3a
  8. Q1 :QZSS L1 
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