Low altitude GPS spoofing system Drone defense Anti drones device

“Some of GPS devices received fake signal and show the fake valid location. Yesterday I test a device, it can get signal and give real position. After 10 minutes the device show moving around a big circle in tehran by 35 km/h speed. I can’t fix this problem by restarting the device.

“The GPS module time is correct but the location is not. I attach Excel file of data and map of the track. I can’t get any response from Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of The I.R. of Iran. Do you know about this?”

What happens if you use this GPS spoofing device? All drones near designated circle place will Leave automatically

This GPS spoofing device fixed or temporarily installed in the protection area, effectively preventing the invasion of satellite-navigated UAVs. Features:
Ø Low-power radiation signals, small impact on the surroundings;
Ø Effective defense of the intrusion of UAV fleet;
Ø No detection system needed, quick to install;
Ø Simple operation, one-click start/control signal;
Ø Unattended operation, all-weather 24-hour defense

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