Drone detector Jammer using RF spectrum analysis

Drone detector and Jammer all in one

  • Long detection range (1000~1500 meters).
  • Operates at night, in poor visibility and bad weather.
  • Detects ‘hidden’ drones (between buildings or amongst trees).
  • High resolution of signal-direction.
  • Position tracing of the drone’s remote control transmitter.
  • The system is mobile and takes just a few minutes to setup.
  • Full 360° scanning.(used array antenna 360 degree  cover )
  • Intelligent signal assessment with automatic alarm.
  • Drone identification using so-called 3D-Trigger.
  • Drone jamming function is options (used digital technology )

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Detection and Jamming All in one
Specification Remarks
1 Detection 2400~2484MHz Frequency
2 Jamming 1.5G :BDS、GPS、GLONASS
3 Detect Mode Passive detection
4 Detection principle Radio detection
5 Detection algorithm Based on AI  Learning
6 Detection range 0~1000M Open area
7 Detection angle level:360°     vertical:50±5°。
8 Jamming source Pure digital jamming source
9 Jamming range ≥1500M Once find UAV or drone and then jamming
10 Jamming angle Level:360°       Vertical:50±5°。
12 Power supply AC220+20%-30%
13 Working temperature -5~55°C


Questions Relating To Employment of Systems

  1. What is employment concept of system? (detection Radio signal Distinguish and confirm drone UAV signal and jamming it )
  2. What is the time required for readiness of system? (1 hours more or less for readiness of system)
  3. What are the employment limitations in all weather / terrain conditions? (All-weather)
  1. What are the effects of other electronic/transmitting equipment on performance of system?

Questions Relating To Detection capability

  1. What are all the frequencies that can be detected by the system? (2400mhz 5800mhz and 1500mhz )
  1. Can the system detect more than one UAV simultaneously within detection range in all directions  including overhead? (can detect more drones in 1200~1500m only for drone )
  2. What is the detection range of the system?(1200M to 1500m radius)
  3. What are the limits of min and max altitude for detection of UAV at maximum detection range? (1200~1500M altitude )
  4. What are the effects of weather on detection? (The weather had little effect on the detectors)

What are the specifications of protected zone if multiple system are employed and interlinked? (all system can operating by a mobile app very easy )

  1. What are the dimensions of the detection sectors and can they be changed /varied by the operator?
  2. What is the operation life of the detection system / equipment? (can 24*7 long time working and Warranty for three years

Questions Relating to Jamming capability

  • What are all the frequencies that can be jammed by the system?( stander type is 2400mhz 1500mhz 5800mhz ,can customized difference frequency )  
  • Is the system capable of jamming more than one UAV simultaneously within detection range in all directions including overhead?(360 degreescan jamming all drone in that area)
  • What is the maximum range and height (AGL) of jamming of different UVAs?( because the detection system cover 1200~1500 m ,so we make the jammer jamming 1200~1500M  )
  • What are the effects of jamming on other radar equipment nearby?(No effect)
  • What are the effects of weather on jamming? (no effects ,all drone in detection zone will be kill)
  • Is jamming of data transmission directed towards GCS?(directly jamming UAV )
  • What is the maximum time of jammer to remain activated / functioning? (when find the uav then jamming and jamming time can set normal uav be kill in 5 seconds )
  • What is the limit of horizontal and vertical jamming and its effects on low flying aircrafts within its range? (that detector and jammer working on all 2400mhz 5800mhz and 1500mhz that to say if the low flying aircrafts in the frequency will be detected and jamming )
  • What are the dimensions of the detection and neutralization sectors and can they be changed / Varied by the operator? (jammer and detector all in one )
  • What is the operation life of jamming system /equipment? (Warranty for three years)

Questions Relating To Spoofing capability (if available)

  • Can the system spoof GPS signals? (can’t)
  • If spoofing is possible:
  • Can the sys spoof more than one UAV within range?
  • In case of feeding false GPS signal to any UAV ,what will be the effect on UAV and GCS?
  • Can the jammer and spoofing function work simultaneously?
  • How much time is required to take control of UAV after activation of spoofing for landing in designated area?

Common Questions

  • What types of UAVs (in terms of size, range and frequencies) are operating in our zone (Asian subcontinent)?(DJI most  in asian subcontinent )
  • What types of UAVs (i.e Mini, Tactical and MALE ) in terms of size, wing span and speed can be detected / jammed by the systems (Drone detection /Jamming system and Drone Sniper)? (all 2400mhz 5800mhz 1500mhz drone can be detect )
  • Is Library signature of UAV must for detection ,jamming and spoofing (if capability is available )?
  • Whether all the capabilities of the system (detection, jamming) can be employed simultaneously / integrated?(can all in one )
  • What is the continuous operational time of the system? (24 hours*365  can long time working )
  • What is the power consumption of the detection and jamming system combined?(1200~1500W)
  1. Does the system include separate power generation? (can supply backup battery)
  2. Can the detection and jamming system operate for 24hr / 7day a week?(can )
  3. Whether the system can cause damage to own equipment during its operation?
  4. In what configuration has the system been sold to other customer?
  5. What is the minimum crew required to operate the system? (1)
  6. How much training (duration and level) is required to operate the system? (1~2 days can training well)
  7. What is the effect of the system on operation efficiency on any radar employed within near vicinity?
  8. Can the system operate with commercial electric supply? (can )
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