Portable Lojack Jammer Lojack Blocker CTS-1000HL

Portable Lojack Jammer Lojack Blocker CTS-1000HL

Lojack Jammer Specifications:

Model Number:CTS-1000HL
Input power: In-built 3.7V Ni MH battery pack(Must be used our 3.8V car power adaptor)
Battery life: 5-4 hours, 7800mA(It also can power from the vehicle cigarette lighter/power socket.)
Output power Total 3W ( each antenna 1 watt )
Shielding(block) range Within 17m radius
Frequency: Lojack(173MHz):167-175MHz(Lojack+Lojack+Lojack)
173.075 *TX-Lojack Stolen car recovery system
It can be customized as the following types either:
4.900/1800 or 800/1900
5.900/1800/3G or 800/1900/3G
6.900/1800/GPS or 800/1900/GPS
7.900/1800/WIFI 2.4G
8.Lojack/GPS L1/L2/L5

Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customized for you.(Lojack Jammer)

Lojack units in the cruisers are RX only. When a car is entered into the computer as stolen, somewhere a computer cross references the VIN to whether there is a lojack unit in the vehicle. If there is, it will trigger a signal to have the unit in the car start transmitting. Those signals come from towers, not cruisers. I do not remember the amount of time the unit will TX but it will TX once a second for an hour or something like that. After that it will revert back to once a minute. If an officer picks up a signal after that, he can call it in and a dispatcher with the code on his lojack display and dispatch can enter it and it will send a signal to that util to get it beaconing to once a second again.

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