150W 5 bands high power Portable GPS full bands jammer/blocker

150W high power Portable GPS full bands jammer/blocker


1.Output power: 180W
2.Range of interception: radius 100-400 meters(in optimum condition)
3.Run for 24×7 without over heat
4.With APC power control,
5.Adjustable coverage
6.Over Voltage protection technique
7.Having a numbered dial and moving hands display
8.Accessories:4 x Antenna ,Cables,Connectors
9.Frequency: GPS full band L1~L5
This type is widely used in prison and the judiciary.
10.Warranty: 24months
It can be customized as the following types either:
1.GPS full band l1~l5
4.2G,3G,4G LTE and Wimax
5.GPS,Wifi,UHF and VHF
6.Walky-talky (VHF);Cellular NMT;Walky-talky(UHF/300MHz);Walky-talky (UHF/350MHz);Walky-talky (UHF/400MHz);Walky-talky (UHF/450MHz)
7.Cellular CDMA 450
135-155MHz;155-175MHz ;300-350MHz ;350-400MHz ;400-440MHz ;440-480MHz
8.GSM, CDMA, TDMA, UMTS (3G), Nextel
Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customize for you.