180W high power VHF UHF jammer bomb jammer CTS-VIP180U

180W high power VHF UHF jammer bomb jammer CTS-VIP180U


1.6 modules are controlled speparately and also can work simultaneously.
2.Each module with antenna can be used as a single jammer.
3.The pelican case is portable (can be carried like a suitcase).
4.Can be fixed in car and temporary occasion.
5.Frequency band is optional.
6.With excellent heat dispersion.
7.Used APC technique(can keep machine work stable)
8.Adjustable coverage and band selectable(6 bands)
9.With Power meter, the output power indicator
10.Waterproof & shockproof design suitable indoor or outdoor use
12.Total Output Power upto 180W(Each bands can work independently)
13.Range of interception: radius 100-400 meters(in optimum condition)
14.Work for 24×7 without over heat
15.Frequency can be choosen from:
Walky-talky (VHF); Cellular NMT
Walky-talky (UHF/300MHz)
Walky-talky (UHF/350MHz)
Walky-talky (UHF/400MHz)
Walky-talky (UHF/450MHz)
Cellular NMT
Cellular CDMA 450
It can be customized as the following types either:
1.Walky-talky (VHF); Walky-talky (UHF/300MHz);Walky-talky (UHF/350MHz);Walky-talky (UHF/400MHz);Walky-talky (UHF/450MHz);Cellular NMT
2.Cellular CDMA 450
135-155MHz;155-175MHz ;300-350MHz ;350-400MHz ;400-440MHz ;440-480MHz
3.GSM, CDMA, TDMA, UMTS (3G), Nextel
6.2G,3G,4G LTE and Wimax
7.GPS,Wifi,UHF and VHF
8.GPS full band l1~l5
Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customize for you.


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