Dual-frequency 315MHz and 433.92MHz jammer CTS-UV2A

433.92MHz jammer
433.92MHz jammer

99USD/PC All in one Dual-frequency 315MHz and 433.92MHz jammer user manual

  • I :Products details

This product is a high-power dual-frequency radio transmitter. In a certain range, it can shield the same frequency radio signals from cheating by the radio equipment in some occasions so that make the signals failure. Transmitting frequency is set to 315MHz and 433Mhz, also we can customize it according to the customer’s frequency need.

  • II: Specification

operating voltage :DC9V (with external power supply)
operating current:120 mA (single frequency) 240 mA (dual frequency)
operating frequency: 315MHz and 433 MHz
The radius of coverage:50m-100m
dimension :120*90*35mm


1.Press button A, the yellow light is on, the jammer is launching 433.92MHz wireless signal .
2.Press button B, the red light is on, the jammer is launching 315MHz radio signal.
3.Press button C, all three lights are on, the jammer is launching above two types wireless signals the same time.

  • IV. Important notice

1.The lower right of the jammer is a DC9V/500mA power plug, connect to the power supply, the red indicator light is on.
2.Pull the ANT1,ANT2,the hands can’t touch the antenna when use it.
3.Use the 433Mhz,only need to pull the ANT1.
use the 315MHz,only need to pull the ANT2.
4.Battery-powered,it can jam within 30m frequency of the above two types wireless signal .
External power supply, it can shield within 50m frequency of the above two types wireless signal.

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