8ZONES Metal Detector CTS- Metor300 Rapiscan

  • Specifications

1.The Metor 300 is a second generation true multi-zone metal detector. It offers superior performance for demanding high security applications.
2.Utilizing an intelligent 8Z8F architecture, the Metor 300 offers top-class performance in metal detection and unbeatable detection uniformity for metal threat objects regardless of their shape and orientation. This is achieved with an overlapping new multi-zone coil system, which combines the unique true multi-zone features with frequency distribution technology. The operating frequency distribution eliminates electromagnetic interference present at installation environments today. Together with effective digital signal processing it offers excellent interference immunity.
3.The Metor 300 can detect multiple threat objects independently in different zones. Due to eight independent detection zones, signals from distributed harmless objects do not combine to produce unnecessary alarms. In addition, independent detection zones enable free sensitivity adjustment of each zone
4.Maximize Throughput
The Metor 300 is equipped with two integrated zone displays. These identify the level(s) at which detected object(s) are carried. The zone displays enable security personnel to immediately target metal objects and ensure that maximum throughput can be maintained. In addition, the Metor 300 is equipped with traffic lights (green and red) indicating when the passenger can pass through the gate.
5.Easy to Install, Simple to Operate
The Metor 300 display unit can be mounted on all four sides of the detector. This improves flexibility in installation and when operating the unit. The display unit has a 2×20 character alphanumerical display. It gives information on how to operate the unit, and also functions as a signal level indicator. In addition, the display unit has LED bars showing the zone display indication. This increases the visibility of the zone display information.
6.All parameters are set through a bi-directional remote control unit that enables the copying of the parameters from one unit to other units. This control unit, unique only to Metor brand products, makes programming several detectors fast and easy. The menu structure of Metor 300 resembles mobile phones’ user interface and is therefore familiar to many users. Help texts in the menu further facilitate the operations. The user interface has three user levels: OPERATOR, USER and SUPERUSER. The Metor 300 has a memory bank, which enables storing customer specific parameter settings.
7.Versatile Detection Programs
The Metor 300 walk-through metal detector includes preset weapon specific detection programs to meet the requirements set by internationally recognized authorities. When developing new detection programs we use electromagnetic responses from real guns and knives, and thereby the programs reflect real-life threats.
8.The Metor 300 also incorporates an advanced Random Alarm function, which enables discreet search of non-alarming passengers.
Enhanced Security
9.To guarantee tamperproof and continuous operation, the switches, cables and connectors in the Metor 300 are built-in, and the remote control unit can be locked inside the crosspiece. The remote control unit operation is secured with passwords and a code hopping encryption algorithm to prevent unauthorized access. The ON/OFF switches can be accessed with or without a key.
Intelligent traffic and alarms counters calculate the traffic flow and resultant alarms. The counters both increment and decrement, thereby giving a true traffic count.


8ZONES  Metal Detector CTS- Metor300 Rapiscan

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