Adjustable Desktop Cell phone jammer CTS-JXA

Adjustable Desktop Cell phone jammer CTS-JXA


This one can be mounted on the wall ,ceilings, or just put on the desktop. The machine has 4 frequency bands and adjustable jamming range .
It can work stably 24*7 hours without breakdown.
Excellent construction reducing the heat and increasing the working efficiency in order to ensure the stable operation.
with ALC power control , Adjustable coverage.
1.Total: 12W ( each antenna 3 watt ) depend on installing places
2.Build-in physical polymer Li battery. Rechargeable and easy to mobile operation (Only this type can be built in battery in the similar products)
3.Shielding frequency 800~964 MHz
890~964 MHz,1.700~2.000 GHz
4.Range: Aprox. 50 Meters
Antenna output power within 30~50m radius
5.24*7 hours without breakdown
It can be customized as the following types either:
2.PHS, GPRS, 3G, wifi
3.GSM, 3G, wifi, GPS
Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customized for you.

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