Camera IR-Cut Mobile View 2-Way Audio

Camera IR-Cut Mobile

Camera IR-Cut Mobile View 2-Way Audio


Camera IR-Cut Mobile View 2-Way Audio

Plug 2 View series integrated network cameras use the exclusive GATEWAY BREAKTHROUGH technology (GWBT),

AUTO IP TRACKING (AIPT) and kinds of humane application of technology.

These makes Plug 2 View series IP camera products provide with 3No

(No network configuration,No domain name configuration, and No need UPNP configuration).

P2P will access as the plug and play simple monitoring products.

The series uses MPEG4 and D1 video compression technology,

both for remote viewing on the internet by PC and mobile phone,

but also support for local high-definition photo evidence. Devices able to adapt to a variety of the ADSL,

LAN, cable broadband, Wi-Fi, wired and even 3G network such as EV-DO, WCDMA, HS-DPA applications.

Bluetooth Type HD Mini Earphone Video Camera DVR

Binocular digital camera objective lens with digital camera

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