Using innovative high- and low-angle video cameras, Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) generate a real-time side-to-side view and unique depth of field that expensive “scanning“ systems can’t duplicate. Security personnel can instantly view, zoom, change angles, pause, rewind, replay and compare footage, all from a safe standoff position and without slowing traffic.
Using a virtually maintenance-free design, our Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems protect your bottom line as well as they protect your facility. With the intuitive user interface, anyone can learn to use a LowCam in less than 30 minutes!

CTS Base CheckMate LS type Vehicle Inspection System

July 18, 2014 1

CTS Base CheckMate LS type Vehicle Inspection System Quick Details Photograph component: Camera: line scan industrial CCD camera Resolution: 1024 X 768 pixels Power: 12VDC 2.5A Imaging house size:  1100mm×600mm×100mm Lighting source: LED light Working […]