Desktop Anti Spy voice recorder jammer 007N

voice recorder jammer

Desktop Anti Spy voice recorder jammer 007N is a set of small talks recording shielding system developed by our company according to the needs of users. Applied to one-to-one or one-to-many recording and shielding conversation scenes, the system consists of a shielder host, X extenders, power adapters, remote controllers, and between the extender and the host through a dedicated line connection to achieve multi-angle and multi-direction shielding.

1. Introduction

007N Stationary ultrasonic audio jammer is an information security product with completely independent intellectual property right. It can exactly block the voice recording device like cellphone, recording pen, audio and etc. in about 2.5-5 meters. When it finds the signals, it will directly isolate it.

2. Technology

Shielding ObjectsVoice recording device as Cell Phone, Recording Pen, Audio, Hidden Microphone and etc.
Shielding Radius>2.5 meter
Shielding AngleHorizontal 90°/ Vertical 90°
Battery Inside8000 mAh / 12V
Product Weight5.9 KG
Product Size280*110*150mm
Power SupplyBattery Inside / AC Adaptor
Working Current0.4A
Interception ModeAcoustic Interference
Interception Strength85dB
Working Time8 hours
Working Temperature-30℃~40℃
Shell MaterialMetal

3. Features

• Ultrasonic exposure + voice imitation = 100% shielding
•9 ultrasonic transducers and powerful speaker
• Absolutely soundless operation possible
• Suppression range up to 2.5-5 meters
• Very powerful emission up to 85dB
• Detailed English manual included

4. Maintenance

1. The jammer needs no special maintenance.

2. Do not use chemical solvents or prevent water from entering into the device when cleaning its surface.

3. When not use, the device must be placed in dry and ventilated places, to avoid its contact with salty mist and noxious gases.

4. The warranty period is one year. It is repaired free of charge for three years and maintained for life, only need buyer bear the shipping cost it has.

5. Application Place

1.Meeting room, party and government organizations, enterprises and small medium and large conference rooms, concert halls, and etc.

2. At places where using recording device is prohibited such as government, military, finance, security, police and command center etc.

6. Warranty: one year from delivery date

7. Packing Details:

1pc x Audio Jammer Host

1pc x Audio Jammer Host

1pc x Power Supply

1pc x Case Pack

1pc x Remote Control

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