PIR sensor 3G Covert Hidden Camera

3G Covert Hidden Camera

PIR sensor 3G Covert Hidden Camera

This PIR sensor 3G Covert Hidden Camera / 3G Spy Camera is adapted precisely to incorporate this unique 3G camera unit inside it. The covert camera lens is undetectable and transmits clear and live 3G video footage to any 3G mobile phone with video calling functionality.


This is the latest model 3G camera with pinhole lens that is concealed where normally the led would be so there is no extra hole for lens and will allow you to watch and listen from your cell phone anytime anywhere.

All you do is call the number of the sim inside the camera and your connected and you will be able to see and hear everything in real time. You can also remotely zoom in/out. This camera also has a slot for T-flash card so you can remotely record onto using your cell phone.

To operate this camera you will need a 3G/UMTS/WCDMA cell phone and a 3G sim for your cell phone and this camera and will need to be in 3G area coverage. This camera works from the mains power supply for long term continous use.

Also please note you will need a phone camera to view which has a front facing lens ie ( cannot be used from I-phones / Andriods etc ) and your mobile phone will need 3G video calling enabling

Here are the key features of the 3G camera

Can set remote video record on micro SD card/T-Flash with 1 minute recording

Signal indicator
Camera zoom in and out by cell phone control
Camera picture rotation
S/D card/T-Flash card slot max 8G and uses 1M per minute so 1G will give approx 16 hours, 2G 32 hours,

4G 64 hours, 8G 128 hours

Product specification for 3G camera

Dimensions: 130x70x60mm
Camera: 0.3 mega-pixel
Lens: Micro pinhole lens
Power supply 240v for long term use
Network used: 3G/UMTS/WCDMA


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