Power Adaptor GSM Bug

Power Adaptor GSM Bug

Power Adaptor GSM Bug

Power Adaptor GSM Bug is a dummy but realistic looking power adaptor with a lead and a jack plug so it looks 100% real with GSM bug and is easy camouflaged to blend with any enviroment.

The voice is crisp and clear and you can dial into the sim card inside to listen anytime up to 10 metres. This device has a built in li battery and has a small concealed switch so it can be charged for maximum of 1 day and then switch will need to be moved to off position as you cannot continously charge.

Hovever while being charged you can still use and switch is small and concealed and normally cannot be seen as its fitted between the vents on the power adaptor.


*Network: GSM 1800/1900
*Power consumption: The Li-battery for GSM bug will last in standby mode (not listening) 3-5 days with total listening time of about 3.5 hours so standby times vary depending on how much you listen.
*Battery: Built in 3.7Vdc

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