Wireless earpiece-FM Spy Earbud Wireless Earphone Walkie-talkie

Wireless earpiece-FM
Wireless earpiece-FM

Wireless earpiece-FM Spy Earbud Wireless Earphone Walkie-talkie

Wireless earpiece-FM Description:

This Spy Wireless Earphone receiving kit is for maximum transmitting message discreetly from a Walkie-talkie transmitter to a cordless earpiece receiver.
Walkie Talkie Earphone is perfect for covert operations such as law enforcement, casino security and protection personnel.
The tiny earbud fits into your ear and can receive audio instruction from your partner up to 3000 meters away.

Receiver consists of two main parts, a wallet shaped receiver, and a earpiece. The Wallet Receiver appears exact same as a ordinary wallet, cordless earpiece is virtually invisible to the eye.
It ensures complete covert reception from transmitter, allows you to listen to message wherever transmitter is located.
With maximum convenience, clarity and discretion.

This handheld VHF/UHF FM Tranmitter is an easy-used communication tool to send message to bundled receiver, holding in hand or taking into packet is suitable.
High technology is changing our life, this walkie-talkie changes our communication. The function key PTT key, monitor key and number keys make the operation very convenient.
With 99 memory channels, adoption of phase-lock loop frequency synthesis, micro-computer controller, and the LED apheliotropic lights, the multi-function FM transceiver is valuable.
The high quality original battery can last a long time to use. More than these, there is a relaxing way to talk by its Chinese-English voice annunciation function and original sound.
The light on the top and the sound “Open the radio” remind you it is ready to work. Here is a tips, the extra purchasing earphone can be plugged into the Speaker/Microphone jacks, which is on the right side.

Frequency range(MHz): VHF 136.000~174.000UHF 400.000~470.000

Walkie-Talkie Charger: 6V DC
Charger input power: 220V 50Hz
Battery: Nickel hydrogen battery
Memory channel: 99 channels
Antenna: Inductively loaded antenna
Antenna impedance: 50O
Working manner: Same frequency single operation or different frequency single operation
Ground method: Negative pole
Dimension(mm): 10.2 x 5.2 x 2.8cm
Total weight: 673g
Launching parts:
Output power: =3W
Modulation mode: Frequency modulation
Maximum frequency deviation: =±5KHz
Remanent radiation: <-60dBm
Preemphasis character: 6dB per fold frequency patch
Emission current: =800mA
Receiving parts:
Sensitivity: <0.16μV (12dB SINAD)
Silent sensitivity: <0.2μV
Intel modulation anti-interference: 50dB
Audio frequency power: =300mW
Receiving current: =100mA
Silent waiting: 20mA

Package Content:
1 x Walkie-talkie
1 x Spy Earbud Wireless Receiving Kit
1 x Wallet Receiver
1 x antenna
1 x clip mount
1 x AC charger
1 x manual

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