Wireless Earpiece with neckloop receiver CTS-C205

Wireless Earpiece

Wireless Earpiece with neckloop receiver CTS-C205

The Invisible Neckloop Wireless Earpiece Kit is intended to provide wireless connection with cell phones for worldwide use. This earpiece kit is designed for use in sepcial situations when a person needs to communicate secretly. A invisible neckloop earpiece kit featured by light weight and extremely easy in use.

A Invisible Loop Wireless Earpiece Kit including a inductive micro earpiece, a button battery and a passive neckloop transmitter. Ideal for ideal for exams, negotiations, as guard equipment etc.

How to use Invisible Neckloop Wireless Earpiece Kit? 
Install button battery into earpiece and place the micro earpiece in your ear and its completely invisible. The neckloop transmitter works with any 2.5 mm stereo jack device. Connect neckloop transmitter to a cell phone machine, normally should be Nokia mobile phones. Put cellphone and neckloop receiver imperceptible under the cloths. The wirelss earpiece could receives the signal through neckloop receiver when your cellphone is in phone converstaion with another cell phone.

The micro earpiece is inside your ear canal. It receive signals send by loopset transmitter. The signal is very weak, so the micro earpiece must be within neckloop transmitter short range. With the invisible neckloop earpiece kit you could hear whisper from cell phone in secret and without been detect by a bug finder. The neckloop transmitter will not produce true stereo sound, because both channels are mixed.

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