Black hook Camera

Black hook Camera

Black hook Camera


Black hook Camera this motion detection and good hidden ability clothes hook camera can let U enjoy your work,and the other advantages of this camera include: long working time, can support large 16GB TF card memory(TF card is note included when sale, need to buy separately) and high resolution of video : 1280*960


* STK1262 Program
* 7725 HD lens
* Motion detection
* UV spray for the whole body
* 30fps for 1280*960

* High quality,Excellent price

* Small contour design, which does UV spray finishing for the whole body
* AVI video format.
* Support 30fps for 1280*960
* Support USB 1.1
* Support 16GB T-flash card.(maximum)4gb Memory card included
* Build-in lithium battery which can make a video for more than 90 minutes
* Auto-power off function: When the power or the Space of the TF card is not enough, the camera will save the video first and then turn off automatically.
* The hook can hang up to 7-8kg

a. when you connect computer, if the machine can not be identified, or not see the portable U disk mark in 30 seconds, please insert it again
b. It is better copy or cut video file into computer hardware first and then play. Video file which is saved in the machine is played directly will cause unsmooth play, the reason is that gigantic data cannot be transmitted synchronously

Package contents:
* The clothes camera
* USB cable
* Power adpter
* sticker

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