Bluetooth pen with wireless earpiece earphone W205+P

Bluetooth pen with wireless

Bluetooth pen with wireless earpiece earphone W205+P

Bluetooth pen with wireless earpiece earphone W205+P

The new developped Inductive Bleutooth Pen is designed for wireless connection to cellphone and secret wireless invisible earpiece.

It transfers clear mono voice to invisible wireless earpiece wirelessly. The Inductive Bluetooth Pen is build-in amplifier,
you could hear loud voice clearly within 15cm range.

Features of Inductive Bluetooth Pen
Multi-Function key and microphone hide under clipWireless connection to earpiece or hearing aidHands-free cell phone communicationVoice dialing available

(need cellphone provider support)Battery life 6 hours talking time or standby 100 hoursBuild-in rechargeable batteryCool blue light indicatorRegular ball-pen black color writingBall-pen is replaceable
Specifications of Inductive Bluetooth Pen

Bluetooth handsfree is T9 (3220)Transmission range to earpiece 30cm, to cellphone 10 meter (no impedient)

Neckloop L148 x D17mmIntegrated Microphone Yes
Bluetooth passward is 0000
Compatibility Bluetooth 2.0,
bluetooth??-equipped phoneBattery life talking time 6 hours,
standby 100hours

Bluetooth pen earpiece most invisible earpiece
Product DescriptionThe new Inductive Bluetooth pen is absorbed all advantanges of bluetooth pen, and enhanced secret communication function. More important, it solved the problem of short transmission distance. You can hear clearly in invisible earpiece and whisper with partner by the new inductive bluetooth pen.
The ultra compact designed bluetooth pen is build bluetooth module, hearing coil and rechargeable battery into small pen. No one will find this inductive bluetooth pen is build-in transmitter for earpiece unless studied it very carefully.

Bluetooth pen with wireless Paking inculde :
black bluetooth pen +charger
SONY 337 Battery

205 / 305 Wireless earpiece

Bluetooth pen with wireless earpiece earphone W205+P

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