Lojack Detector Cellular GPS Detector

Lojack Detector

Actively Discover Illegal Jamming Devices Recent years have seen a significant rise in the use and availability of illegal jamming devices. These devices are used to defeat surveillance and security equipment including cellular devices (audio/video), GPS, and Lojack tracking. While jamming of signals is itself illegal in most countries, identifying when a jammer is in use has always been difficult. The J-ALERT makes jammer detection and tracking easy, safe, and cost effective. The J-ALERT is an RF signal analyzer that monitors Cellular Radio Frequencies, GPS, and Lojack to determine if the target is actively jamming these signals. When the J-ALERT detects jamming in the cellular bands a corresponding LED will light to indicate the Received Signal Strength (RSSI) of the jammer and which band is being jammed. When GPS L1 frequency and a cellular band or Lojack is being jammed a bar graph indication of jammer received signal strength (RSSI) from the jammer is displayed, enabling tracking. If both a cellular band and GPS L1 are being jammed simultaneously or if Lojack is being jammed a beep will sound every 3 sec. to alert the operator a jammer is in use. The J-ALERT also has a stereo jack on the back of the unit with both N/O and N/C contacts for triggering an external device on alerts.

Specifications JA2020 North America model: Lojack Detector

Detectable Frequencies Cellular: GSM/CDMA 850/1900, UMTS
Lojack: VHF
Mechanical Dimensions: 4.7 X 4 X 1.1 in (D x W x H) 120 X 103 X 30 mm (D x W x H)
Weight: 0.3kg
Enclosure: Silver anodized housing
Power: USB 5 vdc External 10 – 28 vdc using supplied adapter Internal Li-ion battery rechargeable (2hr runtime)
Relay Output: Stereo 2.5 mm jack 1-N/O 1-N/C contact
Antennas: 2 x – Stubby 90 degree SMA

Key Applications » Vehicle & Cargo Thefts » Drug & Contraband Smuggling » Gang Related Vehicles » Parole Violators » LEA Installation

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