120W High Power Cellular Mobile Phone Jammer (GSM,CDMA,PCS,DCS,3G)

Mobile Phone Jammer (GSM,CDMA,PCS,DCS,3G)

Product Description

Today, we’d nice to show JM165103 mobile high power signal jammer of integrate is mainly used in the area of big prison, big ground, battalion as well as illegal congregation, illegal demonstration , military rehearse , special action etc and this kind of jammer with double frequencies direction antenna directly connecting with the main body as a whole can be easily used for installation outdoor and easily operate safety with the small side and weight comparatively.

At a Glance:

Show the working power on the shell with green lights

Mini size medium power cellphone jammer

Low weight and nice texture and color

To block wireless phone communication links within an effective area

No transmissions or receptions of cellphone call in coverage area

All specified frequency bands will be blocked simultaneously

No harm to human body

Technical Specifications


Isolating signal frequency:
– CDMA: 850-894MHz
– GSM: 925-960MHz
– DCS: 1805-1880MHz
– PCS: 1900-1990MHz
– 3G:2110-2170MHz

Application Area:Prison, guard, invigilate etc

Working Hours:long time work continuously without stop

Working temperature:-40 ~ +55 degree centigrade

Relative Humidity:30%-95%

Semi diameter of interception:20-150 meter

Antenna:10-12dBi directional Antenna

Output power:120W

Energy Consumption:250W

Power Supply: AC110-220V±10% / DC27V    45-55Hz


Product notes:

Please don’t put the jammer in the bad Condition of over-wet. over-hot, high voltage and high magnetism.

The jammer shall be installed in the position with good ventilation, and large-scale things shall be avoided to ensure the shielding effect.


Power adaptor

User manual

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