2016 China Police used drone jammer forced UAV down

The rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala in Xi’an branch was interfered by an unmanned aerial vehicle and the police has located and turned on the drone jammer detector to make a forced landing.


It was reported by “First News” of SXBC that the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala in Xi’an branch had attracted many aerial photography enthusiasts and the police found there was an unmanned aerial vehicle ignoring the temporary air traffic control measures to interfere the rehearsal on the evening of February 6, and then they used the jammer detector to make it landing. That night, when the rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala in Xi’an branch entered the countdown, the police patrol who are in charge of the security found there was an unmanned aerial vehicle except the CCTV aerial machine in the sky, so they enabled the satellite system satellite system for the querying.

Liu Haitao, the police in South Street Police Station of Xi’an Public Security Bureau Beilin Branch, said that the police opened the drone  jammer detector(CTS anti drone system) by contacting with the municipal public security bureau to make the unmanned aerial vehicle landing, “this aircraft is precisely positioned by satellite, and we controlled the owner after the forced landing of the unmanned aerial vehicle.”

The owner of this unmanned aerial vehicle is a man, more than 30 years old, he photographed by controlling the aircraft in a hotel parking lot near the Bell Tower. The owner told the police he is an aircraft enthusiast, at that night, he just felt the Xi’an Southgate is very beautiful recently so he photographed and he never thought that it has interfered the rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala.

Liu Haitai said it will not only reveal the contents of the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal, but also interfere in the normal aircraft by taking the liberty of shooting by unmanned aerial vehicle. The police deleted the video shot by the unmanned aerial vehicle in the filed and criticized and educated the owner according to the Law of Public Order Punishment.


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