3G REMOTE CAMERA MODULE  is the latest 3G module that you can connect any camera and will allow you to watch and listen from your cell phone anytime anywhere. This means if you use high quality CCD low lux camera then you will have high quality video when you view.

The main advantage of using external camera is you can use any pinhole camera to make concealing easier such as above ceilings, in cabinets and many other applications that would not be possible if the camera was already fitted within the module.

All you do is call the number of the sim inside the camera and your connected and you will be able to see and hear everything in real time. You can also remotely zoom in/out and adjust the volume and also has a slot for micro sd card so you can remotely record onto using your cell phone.

To view live video you will need a 3G/UMTS/WCDMA cell phone with a 3G sim and will need to be in 3G area coverage. The internal rechargeable battery is usefull and if there is power failure, then it will power the module for about 10 hours but obviously during power failure if the camera is mains powered then you will just see a black screen unless the camera is powered by a large battery pack.

Here are the key features of the 3G module:

Microphone volume adjustable by cell phone control
Can set remote video record on micro SD card/T-Flash for 1 minute
Can record video on micro SD card/T-Flash in the module whenever you are remotely viewing video
Signal indicator
To listen to voice only simply dial the sim number and you can hear to nearby sounds
Camera zoom in and out by cell phone control and picture rotate
S/D card/T-Flash card slot max 8G and uses 1M per minute so 1G will give approx 16 hours, 2G 32 hours, 4G 64 hours, 8G 128 hours

Product specification for 3G camera:

Dimensions 78mm x 65mm x 25mm
Weight: approx 127g with integrated battery
2.5mm AV input socket for camera
Rechargeable battery standby time when power failure: approx 10 hours
Power supply 5v
Network used: 3G/UMTS/WCDMA

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