433MHz Car Remote Control Jammer

Car Remote Control Jammer

433MHz Remote Control Jammer for car that can prevent all remote controls of this frequency from working is a great addition to the security system of any country mansion, villa or quinta because it is small yet quite effective remote blocker.


  • Works only with 433MHz frequency band
  • Accuracy varies in 4MHz range
  • Powerful output as for its size
  • Works within 25 meters radius
  • Long telescopic antenna
  • Developed for usage in Europe, Asia and Japan

433MHz Jammer Specifications:

  • Blocked Frequency: 433MHz +/- 2MHz
  • Power Supply: 12V Super Alkaline Battery (1 unit)
  • Operating Range: 25 meters radius
  • Power Of Output: 3W
  • Temperature Allowed: from -30C to +60C
  • Color: white

This 433MHz Car Remote Control Jammer can possibly block:

  • Kymera Magic Wand
  • Lehman Aviation LFPV UAV
  • ReconRobotics Recon Scout XT

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