Calculator GSM Bug

Calculator GSM Bug
Calculator GSM Bug

Calculator GSM Bug

Calculator GSM Bug

This is a fully working calculator with a GSM bug and is easy camouflaged to blend with any enviroment. The voice is crisp and clear and you can dial into the sim card inside to listen anytime with a capture range up to 10 metres.
This is the original version and not the cheaper copy of identical ones. The cheaper versions will need to opened every time to turn power off by removing sim card otherwise power is used when on standby and in quick deployment if battery is low then it defeats the object and on our model you can turn power on or off and once Li-battery is charged, you can use it immediately or keep it ready for as and when a quick deployment is needed. 

*Network: GSM 1800/1900
*Power consumption: The Li-battery for GSM bug will last in standby mode (not listening) 3-5 days with total listening time of about 3.5 hours so standby times vary depending on how much you listen.
*Battery: Built in 3.7Vdc for GSM bug, solar cell for calculator.
*Size of calculator: 160x160x45mm

This product will function with any 2G SIM card working on UK and EU GSM frequencies 900/1800MHz and no credit is required on the SIM card used to allow calling in to the device, albeit the SIM card will need to be activated in a phone before it is ready to use.

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