Light Surveillance Robot
Personal Transportation/Robot

TLT2 / TLT2-F – Light Surveillance Robot

TLT2 Versatile Tracked Robot. The TLT2 and TLT2-F Tactical Surveillance Robots are our best selling tactical solutions. They are a perfect balance of size, speed, weight, mobility/maneuverability, and capability. The TLT2-F was qualified during a […]

Personal Transportation/Robot

SuperDroid Jack Russell Compact Tracked Robot w/ Stabilizer Arm

Description •Small sized, rugged surveillance robot •Treaded design and rear flipper arms •Drop resistant up to 10 feet and climbs over objects up to 10” •Includes audio and video surveillance •Added visibility with high intensity […]

Personal Transportation/Robot

Surveillance and Inspection Tracked Robot (TS. SI)

Product Description • Small, lightweight, affordable robot designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and inspection • High-Power Transmitter/ Receiver • Comes with Hi-Torque Motors • Designed for multiple applications such as Education, Engineering, Security and Remote Inspection […]