SuperDroid Jack Russell Compact Tracked Robot w/ Stabilizer Arm

  • Description

•Small sized, rugged surveillance robot
•Treaded design and rear flipper arms
•Drop resistant up to 10 feet and climbs over objects up to 10”
•Includes audio and video surveillance
•Added visibility with high intensity LED lights

The SuperDroid MLT-F Jack Russell Compact Tracked Robot w/ Stabilizer Arm is a small rugged robot that can easily fit in backpack or carrying case. The robot weighs less than 8lbs. The MLT-F is equipped with a rear flipper arm and camera in the nose of the robot. The version with the flipper arm is drop resistant up to 10 feet and can be tossed into a room or up on a balcony, etc. The treaded design and rear flipper arms allow this robot to climb many obstacles other compact robots can’t.

Compact MLT Tactical Surveillance Robot. The MLT is small and lightweight. Weighing less than 8lbs., it can easily fit in a bag or pack and be deployed rapidly in the field. The MLT is available with LED lights, an on-board microphone, and comes with a heavy duty foam lined storage/transport case.

  • Features

Flipper Arm/Stabilizer arm: Used to climb over objects up to 10 inches high. The arm can be used as a wheelie bar or stabilizer. Arm can self-right the robot if inverted. A skilled operator can climb household stairs. Flipper arm can also be used for tilting camera. Panning achieved by driving/rotating robot.
High intensity LED Lights: The MLT comes standard with an IR camera for night vision. For added visibility this option adds high intensity LED lights mounted to the nose of the robot next to the camera. The lights are wired into the robot’s power and can be controlled by the OCU.
Microphone: The MLT can have a microphone added to it along with a high gain amplifier. The audio will then be relayed back to the remote with the video transmitter and receiver. The OCU will be modified to include a standard headphone jack.
Charger and Storage Case: Multiple chargers mounted inside Pelican foam lined case for easy storage and operation. The typical recharge time is 3-4 hours.

  • Applications

Quiet and quick surveillance: This robot is compact and lightweight, making it easily deployable.
Entry into difficult areas: This robot is drop resistant up to 10 feet so it can be tossed into rooms, onto balconies or roof tops, etc.
Clearing rooms remotely: Clear rooms and buildings remotely with mobile audio and video surveillance.
Hostage and hazardous surveillance: Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harm’s way.

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