Drone jammer Gun Dual digital source 5000M GSM GPS 400~500


Gaussian noise direction drone jamming device from CTS technology  cover GSM 400~500Mhz 2.4ghz 5.8ghz GPS and GLONASS used Dual digital source the range max to 5000M 


Comparison of Analog Jamming Source and Digital Jamming Source

we also customized 360 degree digital drone jammer Shield used Array antennas 

Eight frequency Drone jammer technical (special frequency)
Electrical technical
order specification Requirement Remarks
1 Frequency 400~500MHz
930~960MHz GSM900
1805~1880MHz GSM1800+LTE1800
2110~2170MHz WCDMA2100
1574~1577MHz 1.5G-GPS
1597~1607MHz 1.5G-GLONASS
2400~2484MHz 2.4G RC
5725~5850MHz 5.8G RC
2 Jamming source Dual digital jamming source
3 Power ≥45dBm@400~500MHz
Device Port Output Power
4 Effective jamming distance ≥500M@400~500MHz
The drone was 100 meters high
5 Antennas Yagi antenna 400~500MHz For:400~500MHz
Log periodic antenna  800~2500MHz For:930~960MHz、1805~1880MHz、2110~2170MHz、1574~1577MHz、1597~1607MHz、2400~2484MHz
Yagi antenna 1800~2500MHz For:1805~1880MHz、2110~2170MHz、2400~2484MHz

panel directional antenna 5725~5850MHz

Boot initialization time
15 seconds
Power supply
Built-in polymer lithium battery
8 Endurance 1.0 hours(25°C)
waterproof level
10 Working temperature -25~55°C

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