Micro wireless audio transmission

Micro wireless audio

Micro wireless audio transmission

Micro wireless audio transmission

Micro wireless audio Description

Stay in touch, one touch! The RX-08 is a combination transmitter and receiver listening device that contains a host of special rooms, and a fourth oscillator transmitter. The performance and ease – of – operation of this unit are excellent. No conventional wireless microphone that uses an FM radio for listening can possibly compare.

Micro wireless audio Features

The distance can be up to: 300 to 500 meters.
The conversation is required can be heard simply by turning on the switch, since the frequency is determined by the quartz oscillator.

Both the transmitter and the receiver have been designed as ultra-compact units that offer optimum performance. The small size of the receiver is particularly useful specialist to fit in a shirt pocket at work!

Special rate
Because the units are locked in a dedicated special frequency, there is no opportunity to hear the transmission with other receivers.

Excellent performance
The long chain of waves transmitted by the RX-08 exceeds that in all conventional wireless microphones, making it possible to pick up voices clearly, even in distant places.

2-channel RX-08 system
This unique system will listen to conversations in the AB 2 points by using two transmitters in conjunction AB. (This specification is only RX-08)

Conversations can be registered even when listening with headphones. Simply connect the receiver to a portable recorder, pocket recorder with a cable and operate the devices manually … even with htem in your pockets! (The size of the tape is 3.5 mm jack) Do not remove the headphones, as the wire of the headset functions as the antenna for this unit.

Receiver: 47 x 86 x 18 mm
Room voice transmitter: 31 X 44 X 15 mm
Telephone voice transmitter: 19 X 44 X 14mm
Retail box: 150 x 120 x 25mm

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