Wireless GSM spy surveillance bug

Wireless GSM spy surveillance bug

Wireless GSM spy surveillance bug

Wireless GSM spy surveillance bug and car / power adaptor charger

NEW TINY MODEL  – Uses a special high gain microphone for outstanding sound quality.

  • It is extremely small in size and works with all networks.
  • Size only 40 X 30 X 12mm approx. not much bigger than a 50p coin!
  • With power adaptor for constant use

This is the ultimate in covert room surveillance. Simply insert any type of sim card as you would in an ordinary mobile phone and place the device in the target area.

You can now call the device using a telephone from anywhere you like, the device will automatically activate allowing you to hear all conversations up to 50 feet away from the device with crystal clarity.

This item can be used in standard mode requiring you to call the bug to listen or voice activation mode so when it detects sound, it will call your cell phone.

This model has two microphones and the quality of sound is far better than any other device of it’s kind. This is a genuine SYX device and far superior to similar devices being offered.

This listing includes the power adaptor so the bug can be powered by a car battery or any other external power source for indefinite usage time and will keep the bugs internal battery fully charged.

Please note that this item will not work with the 3 network and some O2 sim cards

  • Open to all networks, accepts any sim card in any country
  • Power adaptor enables constant surveillance
  • Can be used in voice activated or normal mode
  • Can be monitored from any country in the world
  • Really simple to setup and use
  • Up to 10 day’s standby
  • Fully guaranteed

Informer Voice Activated GSM Bug


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