2015 Hand held Rolling Codes Jammers

September 27, 2015 0

What is rolling codes? A rolling code (or sometimes called a hopping code) is used in keyless entry systems to prevent replay attacks, where an eavesdropper records the transmission and replays it at a later […]

Prison Jamming system

September 19, 2015 0

Cell Phones in Prison: Contraband Another way for inmates to dodge prison eavesdropping is to gain their own phones. Prison authorities have found it’s surprisingly easy for prison inmates to get their hands on working […]

How to diy a Drones Jammer

September 13, 2015 0

How to diy a Drones Jammer A simple drone Jammer designed to hack unwelcomed civilian drones within your backyard range. What are Jammers? Commonly Called signal blockers, devices used to block and interfere with radio […]

California turns to jamming tech to disable pesky drones

September 5, 2015 0

Legislators in California are considering jamming technology to disable drones that interfere with firefighting work even though federal regulations prohibit its use. A pair of bills introduced this week in the California legislature call for […]

California pushes 350-foot no-fly drone law

September 5, 2015 0

The drone wars are heating up in California as legislators move to ban unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from flying within 350 feet above property ground level without the operators having received express permission. Senate Bill 142 […]

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