20KM Digital GPS GLONASS Jammer Anti drone used CTSGG20

CTSGG20  has been designed and produced to suppress the navigation of GPS receivers in L1 and L2 band GLONASS. This jammer defends the land or the important military objects from the enemy’s precise guided weapons attack.

Antenna type is all directional helix with circular polarization and out put power is 10 watt. Input power supply should be 220VAC. It can be installed on different types of mast.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Use P(Y) and C/A code simulating techniques
  • Jamming on military and commercial GPS receivers
  • Jamming on military band P(Y) and commercial band C/A Simultaneously
  • Jamming on C/A code only or jamming on P(Y) only
  • Independent  antenna for each band
  • Rainproof
  • Double digital signal source  (Not DDS not analog technology)

Digital  GPS GLONASS Jammer  Technical Specifications:
Central Jamming frequency :             GPS L1: 1575.42MHz (Commercial)  GLONASS L1 1602.5625+/-4
GPS L2: 1227.6MHz (Military)           GLONASS L2 1246.4375+/-4
Output power :                                       5 W in single band or (10 W for double band jamming mode)
Effective Jamming range :                   More than 20Km in LOS
Band width of modulation signal:      L1: 2MHz, 20MHz  L2: 20MHz (modulation BPSK)

Jamming source:                           Double digital signal source
Antenna type :                                       Helix with circular polarization
Antenna gain :                                       ~2dBi
Antenna beam width :                        All directional
Power supply :                                       220VAC
Power consumption :                          30W
MTBF :                                                  over 1000 hours
Efficiency :                                             35%
Temperature :                                       operating: -10ºC to +50ºC
storage: -30ºC ~ 70 ºC
Humidity :                                             90%@40ºC
Dimension (LxWxH)cm :                  60 x 40 x 50
Weight :                                                 15 Kg (without cable and install base)

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