2400mw, 7800ma Hand-Held Cell Phone Jammer CTS-1000HB

2400mw, 7800ma Hand-Held Cell Phone Jammer CTS-1000HB


Input power: In-built 3.7V Ni MH battery pack
Battery life: 5-4 hours, 7800MA
Coverage:20 metres(depends on the strength and type of cellular system.)
Output signal strength: 2400MW total
Signal source: Synthesized
Voltage:110V / 240V charger
Operation temperature: -10c to +50c
Humidity: 5% to 80%
Size: L 110 x W 62 x H 30 mm
Frequency: AMPS, TACS, NMT, GSM, DCS, CDMA, PDC, TDMA, PHS, IDEN, W-CDMA, UMTS, 3G – 800-964 MHz 890-964 MHz 1.700-2.200 MHz
It can be customized as the following types either:
1.900/1800 or 800/1900
2.900/1800/3G or 800/1900/3G
5.900/1800/WIFI 2.4G
6.900/1800/GPS or 800/1900/GPS
9.Lojack/GPS L1/L2/L5
Welcome to supply frequencies and we will customized for you.

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