Mp3 watch camera

Mp3 watch camera
Mp3 watch camera

Mp3 watch camera


This Mp3 watch camera multifunctional gadget is not only a watch, a voice recorder, a MP3 Player, a Camera, but also a hidden digital video recorder.

this digital video recorder is a real watch and displays the time in seconds, minutes and hours. And its waterproof!


* Night Vision(4 LED night light)
* HD PC webcam function
* Take video
* Take pictures with real time clock display
* Waterproof
* Support AV out/AV in function

* Functions: Camera, Flash Drive
* Image Resolution: 1280*1024
* Video Resolution: 1280*720P
* Video frame rate: 30fps

* Image file format: JPEG
* Video file format: AVI (MJPG)
* Rechargeable Built-in Li-ion battery
* Built-in Memory 4GB

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