360 degree/ direction digital drone jammer UAV defense system CTS2G5 -V1.0


That digital UAV drone  jammer system include GPS  GLONASS 2400mhz rc video and 5800mhz rc video signal and 1.5G BDS signal  make by CTS date 20170504

Electrical technical specification 
Serial specification  Requirement Remark
1 Frequency 1559~1564MHz(1.5G-BDS) 1.5G satellite navigation
2.4G:2400~2484MHz 2.4G RC & Video
5.8G:5725~5850MHz 5.8G RC & Video
2 Jamming source digital signature jamming source
3 Output port Gain 43±2dBm@1.5G
4 Antennaquantity Frequency:2400~2500MHz 2.4G Yagi array antenna
Radiation lobe angle:level 55±5° vertical 40±5°
quantity :8个
frequency:1510~1610MHz 1.5G Yagi array antenna
Radiation lobe angle:level 60±5° vertical 50±5°
quantity :8个
frequency:5725~5850MHz 5.8G Yagi array antenna
Radiation lobe angle :14±2dBi
Radiation lobe angle:level 55±5° vertical 40±5°
quantity :8 pcs
5 Power initialization time 15 second
6 Power supply AC:220+30%-40%V
7 Waterproof grade IP63
8 Working environment temperature -25~60°C

degree UAV defense system CTS2G5 -V1.0 Performance comparison table



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